paladinthecelestialspacenymph: Favourite artist? :)

I have many-  Lately I have been focused on Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuilliard because their color and composition just makes me melt on the inside. Henry Darger is brilliant, an outsider artist who was discovered after he died. I actually have one of his drawings of the Vivian Girls as a tattoo :)

gam-gams: Your art is so beautiful. What inspires you to create the things you do; especially the digital/gif works?

Wow thank you so much <33

My GIFs stem from my love of Abstract Expressionism and psychedelia.

I make them in the down time from my actual tangible painting endeavors. It’s a daily exercise.

I feel like I can visually manipulate forms and shapes into infinite loops of infinite permutations. Plus I love hanging out on my couch drawing on my iPad, I have a brush stylus so its like having an entire studio at my disposal. It’s quite addictive. Infinite files! Which reminds me I have to clean up my desktop….

Anonymous: what is the last really good movie you watched?

The Grand Budapest Hotel—I love Wes Anderson, his aesthetic, choices of music and circle of avant-garde actors.  I actually trekked into the city and paid money to see it. So worth it.

Anonymous: how many pairs of glasses do you own?

Oh man, I am blind. One Oliver People’s pair that currently houses my Rx and two pair of Artcraft eyeglasses from my Dad circa 1960s.